Professional IASTM Tools That Work!


 Our medical grade stainless steel   Gua Sha / IASTM tools are some     of the best manufactured tools on   the market today. Made from “304”   grade stainless steel,  they’ll last a   lifetime…and then some.This set   has been used by thousands of   medical practitioners around the   globe, including physical   therapists, massage therapists,   sports team trainers, and occupational therapists. Myofascial Tools are even used by people at home who are just looking to get better.

Craftsmanship: All of our stainless steel IASTM tools have been created with double bevel edges to allow for a greater range of motion and to eliminate the need to switch your hand positions throughout treatment.

Conditions Treated: Developed by long time Gua Sha practitioners, this tool was made to treat adhesions brought on by surgeries or injuries as well as high fever symptoms.

Injury Prevention: Use soft tissue tools to reduce recovery time and reduce soreness after your work outs and help heal soft tissue damage and scar tissue.