Our Tools

A Tool for Every Muscle

As a leading head-to-toe IASTM treatment tool provider, Myofascial offers the perfect stainless steel myofascial tools for every muscle of your body. Our stainless steel soft tissue tools are incredibly versatile—use them to fit your needs.


  • Long bar

Designed for treatment of large muscle groups such as the upper arms, back, hamstrings and thighs.


  • Gripper

Best for treating different muscle groups and joints such as wrists, elbows, calves and knees.


  • Glider

Used to hit some larger muscles, the glider is great for areas of the body such as the chest, upper arms, back, and upper/lower leg.


  • Curve

Known as one of our smallest and most versatile tools, the Curve is best for working with smaller muscle groups such as the hands, forearms, feet and ankles


  • Tongue depressor

Similar to the Curve, the Tongue Depressor is perfect for the hands, forearms, feet, and ankles. As our smallest tool, this impressive product provides the proper scale giving you the intended tissue stroke relief that your body needs.

  • Versa

Serving as a tremendously compact multi use tool, the Versa is our newest addition to the product lineup. Featuring a large handle, double beveled edge, and the highest quality professional stainless steel, the Versa is designed to treat many areas of the body from head-to-toe. As far as stainless steel myofascial tools go, nothing compares to the Versa.