Muscle Scraping Tools to Relieve Intense Muscle Pain

What are Muscle Scraping Tools?

They sound scary, but muscle scraping tools, also known as scar tissue scraping tools, are one of the best ways to repair damage caused by invasive surgery or muscle injury. Beginning as a Chinese medical technique called Gua Sha (Gwa-Shah), this muscle scraping technique (now referred to as graston) has been used for centuries to treat strained muscles, chronic pain, and inflammation.

The practice focuses on your fascia, which is a thin covering of fibrous (stringy) tissue that encloses a muscle. In most cases, they smoothly stretch and rebound to allow for optimal movement. However, if you suffer from scar tissues and/or adhesions, your muscles can’t bounce back like they could before. This can lead to tightness and pain. Scar tissue scraping tools help you eliminate these complications, which can make you feel much lighter and looser.

How to Use Muscle Scaping Tools

Muscle scraping tools are simple to use. Simply scrape back and forth against the affected area with the appropriate stainless steel tool. The pressure to your muscle tissue will cause the area to appear red and lightly bruised from the increase in blood flow. Do not be alarmed: these marks, known individually as petechiae, are a positive sight. Petechiae is stagnant blood that’s trapped in the tissue—it is a sign that your body is releasing unhealthy elements from the injured area. It’s instant gratification that your muscles are on their way to being in the best shape they can be!

When you properly use muscle scraping tools, you increase flexibility, improve performance, and extend your range of motion by massaging away built-up restrictions in your fibrous tissue.

If you suffer from severe muscle pain or sensitive, be sure to speak with a professional before you use our muscle scraping tools. While anyone can use our tools, it’s important to know just what condition your muscles are in before you start treatment.