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Chiropractor Massage Tools for Treatment and Recovery

Knowledge is a powerful (and often overlooked) tool when it comes to taking care of musculoskeletal issues. If you’re at the center of finding pain relief, it’s important that you take time to learn about the specific pain-producing circumstances you may be putting yourself in. Professionals can help you learn about the aches and soreness of your muscles and joints. So, before you begin using our chiropractic massage tools at home, consult with your doctor first and foremost.

Take it One Day at A Time

If you suffer from life-long musculoskeletal problems or are recovering from a recent injury, self-care chiropractic measures could change your life.

There are a variety of chiropractic massage tools that can help alleviate muscle pain and encourage a quicker recovery time. Most commonly used are trigger point massagers and massage rollers. These tools are simple to use at home. Both work to release constricted areas within your muscles through cycles of isolated pressure and release. When using either of these massage tools, be sure to actively participate in deep breathing so it is easier to identify the exact location of your discomfort. Other chiropractor tools and equipment you can utilize at home are cupping sets and kinesiology tape. Cupping sets can loosen muscles and encourage blood flow, while kinesiology tape can reduce swelling and inflammation. Both help immensely with preventing muscle spasms and cramping. Our chiropractic massage tools can help you alleviate muscle pain on their own. But, for the best results, be sure to incorporate light exercise, hot and cold therapy, proper nutrition, and regular rest into your lifestyle.

Our Promise

Day in and day out, we do our very best to make muscle pain relief a reality because it’s important to our team that everyone has the means to a pain-free life. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between saving money and taking care of your muscle pains and injuries. That’s why, at Myofascial Tools, we offer medical-grade chiropractor tools and equipment that everyone can afford.

Why Dr. Tim Uses Myofascial Tools

How IASTM Tools Help With Recovery


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