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IASTM and Massage Emollient

For Soft Tissue Therapy and Massage. Used for Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage and Graston Technique. Great Glide and Tissue Perception. Natural Ingredients and Paraben Free.


✅REDUCE FRICTION-Emollient reduces friction during IASTM and massage treatment. Noted for its glide, lubricity and tissue perception.

✅DEVELOPED BY PROFESSIONALS- Our emollient was created by Physical Therapists to meet the needed criteria of a professional's massage medium. Used by professional massage therapists and physical therapists for stress relief, relaxation, and scar tissue scraping

✅NON-SLIP GLIDE, NON GREASY- Creates a lasting non-slip glide for Graston technique, IASTM, soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue treatments, sports massages, geriatric massages, and other soft tissue therapies. It is non-greasy and leaves your hands feeling as though you've used a quality hand cream. Won’t leave patients feeling greasy.

 ✅WON’T DRY OUT SKIN- It won't ball up or dry out on the skin. Leaves skin feeling hydrated. No harmful chemicals. Created with natural ingredients. Paraben Free. Made in the USA.

 ✅COST EFFECTIVE- Lasts longer because of its slow absorption rate, is hypo-allergenic, and does not contain beeswax.


Why Myofascial Tools Emollient?

Developed by professionals for professionals, Myofascial Tools emollient was created to enhance the process of soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue massage treatments, IASTM and a range of other soft tissue therapies. Our Emollient is preferred by professional massage therapists and physical therapists for muscle and scar tissue relief treatments.

Excellent soft tissue medium that lets you work either surface or deep tissue. Enhances tissue perception and provides and effortless glide without being slippery, promoting exquisite tissue sense to your fingers and hands. Unlike oily or slick substances, does not inhibit deep tissue perception or discrimination. Won't ball up or dry out on the skin. Safe, quality formulation. Bacteriostatic. Does not contain beeswax

 Myofascial Tools emollient consists of a rich blend of natural ingredients that won’t break down during IASTM treatments. When compared to similar products, our formulation, based on clinician feedback, glides better, requires fewer applications, and is completely washable. Good for use with any brand of IASTM tools.