Who Should Own An IASTM Tool Set?

Who Should Own An IASTM Tool Set?

Stainless steel IASTM tools can be incredibly useful tools for treating a wide variety of tissue damage types. These tools frequently appear in medical facilities, and can greatly reduce the recovery times for certain types of injuries. But should it only be medical practitioners that own an IASTM tool set? Read on to learn the different groups of people that can benefit from owning an IASTM tool set and decide if you should consider purchasing this helpful recovery tool.

Chiropractors And Doctors

IASTM tools can be a powerful treatment tool for chiropractors and other medical professionals. These unique muscle scraping tools can be incredibly helpful in reducing chronic back pain. When about 80% of adults will experience low back pain at some point in their life, these tools can help a huge number of patients find comfort.


IASTM tools can be incredibly useful in a wide variety of types of therapy, whether you specialize in physical therapy, occupational therapy, or even massage therapy. IASTM tools use muscle scraping techniques to improve the health of myofascial tissues, helping your patients recover more quickly while also improving their overall satisfaction with the care you provide.


If you're frequently putting strain on your body with athletics and sports, an IASTM tool set might be the key to helping you train harder and longer. By managing muscle pain between training sessions, you can keep working on improving your skill set, rather than having to take longer times off from training to recover from tissue damage.

Additionally, rather than having to waste time and money on extra chiropractic sessions, you'll be able to manage a large percentage of your training pain yourself. This gives you more time and money to invest back into your sport and developing yourself as an athlete, rather than on recovery.

Think you might be able to benefit from an IASTM tool set? Myofascial Tools has a wide variety of IASTM tools for sale, whether you need just one particular tool to treat a specific condition or a full set to be ready for any type of pain you may need to deal with.