Trying to Treat Scar Tissue Buildup? Here Are a Few Reasons to Use Muscle Scraping Tools

Trying to Treat Scar Tissue Buildup? Here Are a Few Reasons to Use Muscle Scraping Tools

Each year, approximately 36 million kids participate in organized sports ranging from baseball to rugby and everything in between. During those sporting events, it’s not uncommon for kids to get injured, even when they’re incredibly careful on the field. When the injury is severe like a broken bone, the body may produce scar tissue around the site of the injury. While it’s typically harmless, too much tissue can restrict movement and keep kids from having their full range of motion as they grow older. Luckily, muscle scraping may be able to help improve their range of motion and restore their health. Here are a few ways that muscle scraping therapy can help alleviate the effects of some severe injuries.

Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can create firm almost rocklike masses in skin and muscle tissue. When the masses are large, they need to be broken up in order to restore the full range of motion and function to the muscle groups. Using a scar tissue scraping tool, you’ll be able to gradually break up those masses, smoothing out the muscle fibers and giving them more elasticity and freedom of movement. 

May Help Alleviate Pain

When you use muscle scraping tools, you’re effectively performing a type of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. The fascia in the muscles gradually relaxes, allowing for proper blood flow around the site. When muscles get incredibly tight or are restricted by damage from old injuries, blood flow can be interrupted. Using high-quality myofascial scraping tools will help stimulate blood flow, improving the body’s inflammatory and healing response. For your clients, this can mean an improved recovery time, less painful inflammation, and better range of motion almost immediately after treatment. 

It Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

Some forms of myofascial release can only be performed on the extremities or on larger surface areas. But muscle scraping is not one of them. By changing the pressure and duration of the treatment, you’ll be able to break up scar tissue anywhere, even on the face. As long as you have the right muscle scraping tools for the job, you’ll be able to help your patients quickly and effectively. 

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