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IASTM 101: What Do IASTM Tools Do?

By Bold Commerce Collaborator December 27, 2018 0 comments

Despite the number of people who could potentially benefit from the use of IASTM tools, shockingly few people actually know what they are or what they do. If used properly, IASTM tools can help improve muscle pain, reduce recovery time from injuries and more. But what are IASTM tools, and what exactly do they do? Learn more about these fascinating recovery tools that you might be able to use to help improve your overall health.

What Are IASTM Tools?

IASTM stands for "instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization." IASTM tools are muscle scraping tools, frequently used by chiropractors, physical therapists, coaches, and other people looking to improve their overall muscular health. These tools use muscle therapy and massage techniques to help muscles recover and repair themselves more quickly.

An IASTM tool set is designed for musculoskeletal injuries like those that occur in sports or in heavy physical activity, but can also be helpful for addressing scar tissue complications or general chronic pain. While an IASTM tool set cannot help all types of chronic pain and tissue damage, it is frequently recommended by medical professionals; 55% of doctors recommend massage therapy, including IASTM techniques, to patients.

What Are IASTM Tools Used For?

IASTM tools are used to help treat myofascial damage that results from a variety of conditions and injuries. This specific type of massage therapy is used in many different fields, but most notably in medicine and athletics. The tools will be used in slightly different ways depending on the setting, but overall they can reduce recovery time for myofascial tissue damage.

The technique involves using the stainless steel tools to apply pressure to specific areas of the body, with the goal being to reduce pain and help repair damage in muscle tissue. This makes it an excellent, non-invasive option for treating tissue damage in a timely manner.

Looking to purchase an IASTM tool set of your own for your medical practice, sports team, gym, and more? Myofascial Tools offers stainless steel IASTM tools that you can use to help improve your overall muscular health and speed recovery. Contact Myofascial Tools today for more information on instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and the tools used in this particular treatment method.

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