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Common Forms Of Tissue Damage In Athletes

By Bold Commerce Collaborator December 06, 2018 0 comments

It's no secret that sports and athletic activities can cause injuries if you're not careful. With the amount of strain you put on your body during sports, some physical damage is more or less inevitable. The human body has more than 650 muscles, and when you participate in athletics, there's a wide variety of damage that can happen to these muscles and other parts of your body. If you're an athlete or are thinking about getting more involved in your favorite sports, here are a few common tissue damage problems that you might face.


This common type of soft tissue damage is incredibly prevalent in athletes, typically due to overuse of a specific part of the body. Commonly found in pitchers, runners, and more, this can result in uncomfortable swelling around the tendon area. Usually, this can be treated with rest and reducing strain on the area, but sometimes more intensive treatments are needed.


Sprains are, unfortunately, a rather common injury with athletes. This form of acute injury occurs after a specific trauma to the body, such as a twisted ankle or a similar accident during a game or training. Sprains are often treated using the RICE method: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Recovery times may vary, depending on the severity of the injury.

Myofascial Tissue Damage

This type of tissue damage comes in a wide variety of forms, ranging from chronic muscle pain to temporary damage due to injury. In athletes, this is usually due to an overuse of a particular muscle group. If your sport demands the repeated use of a specific body part or muscle group, you may need to treat myofascial damage. There are several forms of treatments available, usually through chiropractic methods or physical therapy, depending on the location of the damage and the severity.

If you've dealt with any of these types of tissue damage in your sport, you might want to consider picking up an IASTM toolset to help with your recovery. These unique recovery tools use massage techniques and muscle therapy to help you reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster. If you're looking for IASTM tools for sale to help you get back in the game, Myofascial Tools has a wide variety of IASTM tools available for athletes.

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