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Why Athletes Use IASTM Tools

By Connor Stone July 29, 2018 0 comments

IASTM and Athletes

In the world of sports and athletics, there is always a famous saying; the best ability is nothing but availability.

The saying is commonly attributed to a legendary former football coach, Bill Parcells who is presently the member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This saying implies that the health and overall availability of a player or an athlete to play is always a top priority. Further explanation asserts that the extents of how good a player does not determine the performance whenever he’s nursing an injury on his sideline.

The goal of athletes focused physical therapy is to maintain the duration of time a player or athletes spend as close as 100 percent as possible. However, these can be achieved in many ways with the availability of different options but at the same time, the elites are now on the verge of deviating to the intriguing method of soft tissue manual therapy alternatively known as the “Graston Techniques” or IASTM raising hopes that the bodies of athletes and players can be freshly maintained.

The Origin of Graston Techniques

The emergence of the Instrument Assisted Soft tissue Mobilization (IASTM), or Graston Techniques was conceived by David Graston, who has suffered from a debilitating injury in his knee while he was water skiing as an athlete. He found the progress observed by conventional methods slow and entirely frustrating. David Graston then decided to create a set of stainless steel Instrument that in his assumption could assist in treating the injury with his professional background in machining. His assumptions favored him as he made use of these instruments and achieved a successful result. This further serves as his source of inspiration to collaborate with medical and research personnel at the Ball Memorial Hospital and Ball State University both in Muncie, Indiana. The outcome of this fruitful collaboration brought about the conventional Graston techniques and set of instruments was standardized to the modern taste.

Why Athletes Use IASTM Tools

As regards the philosophy of treatment with Graston techniques, the essentials of soft tissue work in treating pathology, decreased recovery time, and correcting an imbalance in the muscles of an athlete can be so difficult to dispute. While there are numerous options of soft tissue options available, athletes still Appreciate IASTM techniques as a useful tool for treatment and evaluation.

IASTM cannot be denied the fact that it is still the simple and practical technique for treatment. This is because the force used by the medical practitioner minimizes the surface of the instrument. In the same way, it is responsible for the maximization of the energy delivered to the tissues thereby stimulating the point of adhesion situated in broad areas.

In addition to that, athletes observed that the level of discomfort and fatigues that are experienced by the therapist is reduced significantly compared to the standards of the fatigues experienced by a therapist using other conventional methods such as the metal end of a reflex hammer.

More so, IASTM is also another advantage of being able to produce positive effects in a shorter period when compared to frictional massage. This is another mode of soft tissues therapy, and it requires about 15-20 minutes

Why Athletes Should Embrace IASTM Tools

As an athlete or a sportsman, you may not have the physical stamina or time to engage in deep tissue therapy all day long. How is it possible to ease up your body stress within about 10-15 minutes? The perfect response is Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). With IASTM, you can embrace a soft tissue therapy and sacrifice the time spent with other significant training intervention. If you have not been making use of soft tissues treatment in the past, here is why you should do so:

  1. The tools serve as a force multiplier
  2. IASTM tools help to ease the strain on the practitioner
  3. The device finds soft tissue lesions quickly and exclusively treats the dysfunctional area

However, IASTM tools is not a complicated technique; if you are quite experienced in soft tissue approach, you can make use of the treatment to your hands with the inclusion of an instrument. This instrument will expertly help you scan along the kinetic chain of restrictions. Make use of IASTM tools today, and you will indeed have a pleasant experience. 

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