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I brought these tools into the chiropractic office where I work so the Chiropractor could compare them to the Graston tools that they use in the office. He told me that he had to adjust the angel a little but overall he preferred these over Grastons, and more important the clients that he used them on felt that these did a better job. I am looking forward to using them in my massage practice once I am certified.

Ronald J.


I love these tools! I bought them after my Chiropractor did Graston Therapy on me using tools similar to these so I bought some for myself and they have worked so much better than the hard plastic fasica tool I was using before them. The added weight of the steel made a big difference. I get in my infra red sauna and take a couple of the tools in with me and use them on my many painful spots. They have helped relieve so much of my pain.

Verified Purchase ✓ | By Barbara Pearce on 01/28/2018


I bought these for my girlfriend who is a massage therapist. She loves them and said that they are awesome quality. She has been able to help several of her clients with breaking down scar tissue and tendon repair. They also help give her hands a break so she will be able to have a long career in massage!

Verified Purchase ✓ | By Courtney Reiling on 12/27/2017


My friend bought this kit for me for my practice, and I love them!! My patients like these tools so much better than what I previously used. They have a nice edge and have perfect weight. I can treat certain areas with greater precision thanks to the small tool. I would highly recommend these to everyone. You won’t find a better option.

Verified Purchase ✓ | By Scott Coccimiglio on 11/03/2017


I am sooo happy I found these tools!! They work just as good, if not better, than other brands that cost thousands of dollars. These tools are very professional looking. They are very heavy duty, so they don’t flex when using, and you don’t have sore hands at the end of the day from having to push so hard. They all the tools have a double beveled edge so you can use in both directions! Huge plus! I can’t recommend these tools enough. Give them a try, you won’t regret it.

Verified Purchase ✓ | By Brandon Floyd on 08/22/2017

Professional IASTM Tools That Work!

Our medical grade stainless steel Gua Sha / IASTM tools are some of the best manufactured tools on the market today. Made from “304” grade stainless steel, they’ll last a lifetime… and then some. This set has been used by thousands of medical practitioners around the globe, including physical therapists, massage therapists, sports team trainers, and occupational therapists. Myofascial Tools are even used by people at home who are just looking to get better.

Craftsmanship: All of our stainless steel IASTM tools have been created with double bevel edges to allow for a greater range of motion and to eliminate the need to switch your hand positions throughout treatment.

Conditions Treated: Developed by long time Gua Sha practitioners, this tool was made to treat adhesions brought on by surgeries or injuries as well as high fever symptoms.

Injury Prevention: Use soft tissue tools to reduce recovery time and reduce soreness after your work outs and help heal soft tissue damage and scar tissue.

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I have been using IASTM for a while with a small single handheld tool for all muscle groups and it has been a hassle to use. After discovering and using this (handle bar) on my patients today, it has made my job much easier! I can use this on large muscle groups with ease and less effort. It is more ergonomic in many ways. Great quality at a great price!

Emily L., California

I'm very happy with Myofascial Tools, and so are my patients. They all say it feels much better on their skin. If my patients are happy, I'm happy

Lily P., Ontario Canada

This is high quality, heavy tool. I was impressed not only by the quality of this tool, but the very beautiful case it was in! I would recommend it to everyone!

Brent, A., New Mexico